About us

Founded in 1969, Sice was born from the desire of a group of Venetian entrepreneurs to realize a new reality based on the North-East way of producing, which could become a leader of design and installation of electrical equipment, first at regional and then at national level.

In the last 20 years, Sice became a leader in the market of electrical plants, developing business activities abroad, building all plants in hospital areas, bank’s headquarters, trading areas in Italy, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Croatia. In the same time, completing the offer, Sice build a new business unit of mechanical plants and the project unit, giving to the holders a full solution for all technological systems.

In the last ten years Sice increases business up to 15 mln € shared in the two division of electrical and mechanical systems.

Sice is UNI EN ESO 9001:2015 (DI.QU. n° 510, 20/01/2021), UNI ISO 45001:2018 (DI.QU. n° 820 of 14/07/2022) and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 (DI.QU. n°778 of 20/01/2021) certified, and SOA (CQOP SOA S.P.A. n° 59769/10/00 of 07/04/2021) certified for the following categories: OG1, OG10, OG11, OS3, OS30, OS28 e OG9, up to VII° level. (32 mln), the Legality Rating (equal to two stars + + as per the certificate of the Competition and Market Authority n.1357 RT) and the Legality Protocol according to the Organizational Model adopted by the Company in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001. SICE has always paid the utmost attention to the quality of its work and to the protection of the environment as evidenced by the Quality and Environment Policy set out below.

Eng. Alberto Villari - CEO
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Il nostro impianto fotovoltaico
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