Innovative systems

In order to provide the customer a global service and competence on work or intervention, Sice can count on a specific division that designs, realizes and maintains all the special plants for a smart building management, according to the customer’s specific needs.

In order to fulfill every project directly, overviewing the development of the construction, Sice is used to plan every step, including all advanced ones, such as:

– building automation
– LAN systems
– antitheft and control systems
– TVCC and video systems
– audio and conference rooms
– fireproof systems
– access control and authorizations

Main Applications

Sice is perfectly updated in technology and alternative power sources. Therefore, each of its units can project:

– photovoltaics systems
– solar thermical systems
– wind systems
–geothermical systems
– thermovalorization

Sice is partner of some of the major manufacturers in the world.