New Bricoman store in Assemini – Cagliari (CA). <br>The largest ever built by Bricoman Italia srl

New Bricoman store in Assemini – Cagliari (CA).
The largest ever built by Bricoman Italia srl

3 March 2021|News

SICE wins the contract for the construction of all electrical, special, photovoltaic, air conditioning, fire prevention, plumbing and similar systems for the new Bricoman Italia srl ​​store in Assemini in Cagliari.

The store will be the largest ever built by Bricoman, with 8.500 sq m of sales area, 2.650 sq m of unloading area for goods-reserves, 600 sq m of offices, a drive-in of 1.880 sq m and canopies for a total of over 16.000 sq m of covered areas and 28.000 sq m of uncovered outdoor areas.

The contract includes a 300 kWp “grid connected” photovoltaic system, 2 resin power transformers of 500 kVA each, a 750 kVA diesel generator, n. 650 LED lighting fixtures continuous line 76W each 4000K DALI, 1.500 mt of blindoluce 4x25A, a sprinkler fire-fighting system with pressurization unit with 3 4/6 cylinder diesel motor pumps with rated power 150kW, no. 3,000 upright sprinkler dispensers in the field, 3 R410A rooftops with 60,000m3 / h of air flow and 350kW each of heating and cooling capacity.

The works will begin in March 2021 with completion scheduled for the end of the year 2021.