New “grid connected” photovoltaic system of over 500kWp

ILVE spa, an Italian company that produces household appliances and professional cooking systems dedicated to the domestic market, entrusts SICE srl with the design and construction of a grid-connected photovoltaic system of over 500kWp on the roof of its Campodarsego (PD) headquarters. The plant, which will be completed by May 2023, will consist of 1,203 high-efficiency LONGI LR5 420W monocrystalline modules and it is estimated that it will produce 580,000 kWh of electricity per year, avoiding CO2 emissions into the atmosphere for about 307 tons, equal to almost 770 trees equivalent and at the same time supplying ILVE with over 40% of its annual electricity consumption from 100% renewable sources. At the end of the use of the product, the LONGI modules follow the circularity required by the legislation and highlighted by the “PV Cycle” certificate they obtained. 🌱🌍