Central thermo refrigeration unit for Nova Coop – Vercelli (TO)

Project Details

2mw thermo refrigeration unit
new central office for Nova Coop s.c.ar.l. in Vercelli (TO)

Services: electrical and mechanical systems
Years: 2012-2014
Amount of work: € 394.068,91

SICE is chosen by NOVACOOP srl for the construction of the new store in Turin.
The 3,500sqm building is spread over a floor where the sales area, the cells and work areas and the dependent areas are located, while the 120 parking spaces are covered.
For the mechanical part, the sprinklers and hydrants fire-fighting system, the sanitary water system, the aeraulic plant and the thermal system have been carried out with the realization of the radiant floor ramp antifreeze system
The electrical system includes the lighting system, driving force, sound diffusion, fire detection and photovoltaics

amount of work
kW modular condensing heat generator
kW air-cooled water chiller in heat pump
sq m of radiant floor to ramp anti-freeze service
sprinklers plant heads
module photovoltaic system
198 kWp total output
1 +
lighting fixtures

full LED

kva transformenr
198 kWp total output