Cooking center, Dussman service Srl – Padova (PD)

project Details

City of Padua – New Cooking Center

Services: electrical, mechanical and special systems
Year: 2013
Amount of work: € 887.171,35

The new Cooking Center is located within the Interport of Padua in the industrial area. It consists of 1,850 sqm used for industrial kitchen, preparation area, cooking special diets (gluten free meals, and so on), washing area, storage area and technical rooms.

Realized by SICE s.r.l in less than 14 weeks using an average of 18 workers with a peak of 24 workers, it is the flagship of the DUSSMANN SERVICE SRL not only in Italy but in the world and represents its largest and most technologically advanced center of cooking.


amount of work

sqm total covered
1 +
sqm of ducting
air handling units

tot. of 69.910 mc/h

chiller 1352 kWf
condensing boilers
for tot. 348 kWth