Photovoltaic system – Il Tulipano Srl store in Oderzo (TV)

Project details

Photovoltaic system – Il Tulipano Srl store in Oderzo (TV)
Servizi: “Grid-connected” photovoltaic system
Year: 2013-2014
Amount of work: € 96.000,00

In 2013 SICE srl created a “grid connected” photovoltaic system on the roof of the “Il Tulipano” store in Oderzo (TV) using the entire available area of 900 sqm.
The PV system has an IBC Solar AeroFix structure supporting the aluminum ballasted modules without cover drilling, with east-west orientation, inclination angle of 10 ° for a total of n. 275 polycrystalline silicon panels 250 Wp/each in fire reaction class 1 for a total of 68.75 kWp connected to an SMA solar inverter Sunny Tripower STP 17000TL-10 and to other 3 solar inverter SMA Sunny Tripower STP 15000TL-10 with very high efficiency.
The plant, due to its peculiarities, has also been the subject of a technical article by the magazine of the May 2014 solar plant (click here to see the article).
The PV system produces energy for an amount equal approximately to 75.000 kWh/year, so about 1.090 kWh/kWp per year, equivalent to 40 tons of CO2 emissions avoided in the atmosphere each year and it’s able to cover alone over 55% of the annual energy requirement of the store.


amount of work


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polycrystalline panels

250 Wp/each


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